Shapes and Profiles

Each mesh type and appearance is fully designed and engineered to suit individual project applications, with bespoke mesh tooling manufactured to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Panels can be supplied in widths up to 1550mm wide when produced from coil. Wider panels are possible when produced from plate material. Floor to floor panels are achievable up to a maximum of 4.6m in height, however the norm is to keep them to within 3.2m.

We are also able to manufacture folded panels at corners, create bespoke shapes, and also radial panels to meet the design aesthetics.

Manufactured to Stringent Accuracy and Quality Standards

In order to ensure alignment between adjacent panels, it is essential that individual mesh panels are supplied dimensionally accurate to within a few millimetres. We have designed laser guided cutting machinery to accurately cut oversized panels after expansion.

Equally importantly, we have developed a special process that de-burrs the expanded mesh, making the material tactile and safe for use in locations where it can be readily reached by the building occupants or visitors.

All of the principal stages of Eyetech production are fully environmental system certified to ISO 14001:2004, are designed to minimise their environmental impact and are fully recyclable.