About Alphaton

For almost three decades, ALPHATON® has been at the forefront of developments in façade engineering, an evolution which continues today, with the expansion in the range of applications and designs we offer, driven by our desire to find innovative and bespoke solutions to the most demanding of challenges.

Architectural Versatility and Diversity

Alphaton offers a modern approach in a myriad of custom finishes and colours, and combines performance and resilience with the unique warmth of fired clay as a tactile façade medium.

As sole suppliers in the UK of the ALPHATON® range, our objectives are firstly to achieve unparalleled quality and tighter tolerances than can be found elsewhere and secondly, to provide the greatest diversity in colour, texture and profiles. Our determination to adhere to these twin aims is at the core of our success.

Design Innovation

Over the last two decades we have successfully undertaken and completed countless projects. These developments range from the small and intricate, to the largest of residential and commercial schemes. It is the enormous diversity of application and design which has led to the development of bespoke solutions, which have found their way into common usage.

To see how James & Taylor can bring ALPHATON® to life, view our Image Gallery or contact us to discuss your next project.