Technical Information

Terracotta baguettes facades are almost always bespoke designed to suit your individual project requirement, offering the designer complete flexibility in profile, colour, and finish.

They can be utilised in conjunction with terracotta tiling, or as a facade treatment on their own, fixed back to a rigid pre-assembled ladder support framework. Alternatively, we have designed a unique fixing solution that allows for individual baguettes to be individually removed and replaced if required, which is increasingly becoming the preferred design solution.

They can vary in size from 50x 50 square profile, to much larger bespoke profiles, such as the ones recently design engineered and supplied to the East Ham Library project in East London, and up to a maximum size of 900mm x 120mm.

The fixing methodology will be designed bespoke to suit your project requirements. However it normally involves a carrier rail, which passes through the perforations in the baguette, not only to facilitate the end fixing plate connections, but also to act as a restraint, holding the baguette firmly in position should they become subjected to impact damage in work. Connections to the support framework can either be at the ends of the baguette, or at intermediate positions through its length.

If you would like to discuss the potential for baguette cladding on your next project, then please give us a call and we would be happy to meet with you to develop the optimum solution with you.