Fusion Glazed Terracotta


“Fusion Glazes“ are a new journey and adventure in the world of terracotta glaze options for today’s terracotta rainscreen facades. Long gone is the question, “What glaze RAL colour do you want and is it to be gloss or matt“. “Fusion Glazes“ are best defined as a Macbeth’s cauldron of ingredients that when combined produce glaze colours and effects that are simply stunning with a true depth, lustre and complexity that brings real life and soul to a project. Whilst deep routed and historic knowledge of glaze composition is the basis for project  specific glaze development it is the love of what’s possible that drives us on. It has taken James & Taylor almost 5 years to begin to crack this nut but we are now beginning to realise truly wonderful projects like Camden Lock Market (AHMM architects) and Newington Causeway (SPPARC architects) where fusion glazed terracotta is the jewel in these project’s crowns. There’s truly something wonderful about this “fusion glaze“ journey that goes way beyond commercial return. It’s doing something that stirs our creative juices and gives us inspiration.

Text by Bob James

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