Glazed Bricks

James & Taylor can offer an almost unlimited palette of glazed bricks in both traditional UK format as well Roman Bricks & Euromdule Blocks. The use of glazed bricks will add a vibrancy, lustre and vibrancy to any building.

— How Do We Help?

We will source the colour that you require from the standard production range or develop a bespoke colour / glaze in conjuction with our glazing specialists.

— Installation Capabilities

Traditional handset brickwork is still commonplace within the UK market and this makes up the majority of any bricks we supply. Brick pre-cast panels are increasingly popular and we are pleased to be involved in all aspects of the procurement of your brick choice.

— Specials

We offer a full range of standard and purpose made special shapes.


How many colours are there in the standard range?

There are 36 different colours in the standard range

What size glazed bricks or blocks can you offer?

Roman Bricks from 40mm to 71mm in height & 215mm to 490mm in length. Euromodule Blocks from 190mm to 240mm in height & 190mm to 490mm in length

Are the bricks glazed on the ends?

Yes they can be, but we need to know if glazed ends are required at the time of ordering.

Can glazed bricks be used in different bond patterns?

As with unglazed bricks, glazed bricks can be used in a wide range of bond patterns.

Can we 'fusion glaze' bricks as like your terracotta?

Yes. We can work with your brief to develop a suitable glaze.

Are you able to offer other RAL colours?

If we don't have the colour that you want in our standard range, we are happy to look at producing bespoke colours.

Are special shapes available in glazed bricks?

Yes, we are able to produce special shapes, but it is always better to check before designing non-standard shapes

Are the glazed bricks frost durable?

Yes, they are designated F2 when tested in accordance with the requirements in EN 771-1.

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