Bespoke Metals

James & Taylor have spent over two decades doing our very best to translate the façade aspirations of specifiers into breathtaking, high performance, affordable solutions

Over the past ten years we have significantly expanded our capabilities in metal cladding design and manufacturing, bringing onboard specialist expertise.

Leading the Field in Innovation

Knowledge and design engineering excellence underpins our reputation, but more than anything it is our passion and determination to break new ground that positions us as leaders in the successful design and delivery of bespoke metal cladding façades.

A Reputation for Engineering Excellence and Creative Thinking

Metals remain one of the most versatile, diverse and attractive façade treatments and their use demands ever changing solutions in both finish and form.

Our in-depth technical knowledge and design expertise, coupled with our reputation for delivering value-engineered solutions has enabled us to design and supply some of the most creative and imaginative projects undertaken in the UK.

James & Taylor is the perfect partner to help realise and deliver the metal façades of the future.