The Barracuda Brick Slip System


Under development for the past 6 years, the cutting-edge Barracuda brick slip support system is ready to launch. The original and unique concept that underpins the Barracuda brick slip system combines unparalleled flexibity with effortless performance. With our lightweight, fast installation methodology this system accommodates virtually all brick types. Achieving high durability and effortless installation, the Barracuda brick slip external cladding system can adapt to almost all types of brick, from a range of manufacturers.

How Barracuda Started

The idea that led to the creation of the Barracuda brick slip system came from a long wish list targeted at solving problems we considered inherent in other brick slip systems in the market. We wanted to create an alternative to traditional masonry with no need for costly and time-consuming scaffolding, incorporating rainscreen cladding principles and achieving so much more than existed at that time. This aspiration led to the development of Barracuda - an integrated brick slip external cladding solution with superb long term weathering performance and a whole host of other features not found anywhere else. We are delighted to confirm that our innovative brick slip support system has been subjected to a wide range of tests, significantly beyond other systems, with exceptional pass results. The Barracuda rails are manufactured from stainless steel. The simple 40mm thick cut brick slips are robust at this thickness and allow an adequately deep mortar depth, unlike many other systems where the mortar depth is, in our view, totally insufficient. Our brick slip support system for external cladding is patented in the UK, EU, USA, Canada and Australia.

What Makes Our Brick Slip Cladding System Unique

There is currently nothing like the Barracuda brick slip external cladding system on the façade market. Our brick slip system, very importantly, aligns the top of each brick slip (as is the case with traditional brickwork) and incorporates proper corner / reveal bricks that are not cut and bonded. Not only is the Barracuda brick slip rainscreen cladding system competitive generally but the cost of corner bricks is commonly significantly lower than others.

Any Type of Brick

The Barracuda brick slip support system is compatible with virtually all bricks of any shape or size, from all manufacturers. This includes bricks with large frogs, large or small core holes, and solid bricks. Many other slip systems are limited to bricks that are extruded in a purpose made profile, hence severely limiting the aesthetic choice, and / or can only use bricks with very tight face height tolerances.

Easy & Precise Installation

With an effortless push fit, our brick slip support system includes a complimentary 'pre-gauged backing support structure which facilitates accurate installation without the need for gauge rods.

Automatic Levelling

The variable length teeth / fronds present in the Barracuda rails force the brick slips upwards aligning the top surfaces so as to be indistinguishable from traditional brickwork. Most other brick slip cladding systems align the bottom surfaces of the brick slips and therefore never have the appearance of real brickwork.

Mortar Retention

The Barracuda brick slip support system is mortared. The teeth within the system act by locking the mortar firmly in place, with the ability to retain a greater depth of mortar than most competitors.

Exceptional Performance

All traditional bricks are mortared as they are laid. With a brick slip system, slips are fitted before being mortared. This unmortared system is vulnerable to the potential of either high wind loads causing the potential for the slips to disengage, or to impacts with the same highly dangerous result for safety on site. This is not the case with Barracuda, even in its unmortared state.The Barracuda system can withstand pull out forces equivalent to up to 200mph wind loads and has been fully tested for pull out and impact loads both unpointed and pointed.

Lower Cost

Where the choice of brick allows, the Barracuda brick slip system generates 2no brick slips from 1no parent brick. Typically stock bricks, handmade bricks and solid bricks fall into this category. This potential reduces the cost of brick slips within the system by very nearly 50%.

Fire and Testing

The Barracuda brick slip system is made from two non-combustible A1 rated materials, stainless steel and aluminium. This meets the UK and EU standards covering combustibility of construction products.

Our brick slip cladding system has underdone rigorous testing for the following:

  • Watertightness - dynamic and static pressure
  • Wind resistance, serviceability and safety.
  • Impact resistance, both unmortared and mortared.
  • Pull out tests unmortared.
  • Long term durability.

Installation Training

When you place an order for our Barracuda brick slip external cladding system this includes access to our installer training facilities. We can tailor our installer training to meet each client's unique needs and requirements. Training typically lasts one day, including a blend of theoretical and practical aspects of our brick slip cladding system.
To access and download our installation guide, please click here.

Make an Enquiry

If you would like to find out more about the Barracuda brick slip system, please send us an email at, including the name Barracuda in the subject line.