About Us



Creating facades of outstanding beauty, delivered on time, within budget with design and engineering excellence.

Terracotta, brick and metals remain our core products. Natural and timeless.

Our journey since 1988 has seen us both pioneer and embrace new design disciplines and finishes which have and continue to play their part in realising stunning landmark projects in the U.K. and abroad.

We love what we do and it's this passion that drives us to meet the project challenges ahead.

Bob James

Our Clients

Our Clients fall into several categories and as projects evolve and develop the focus progressively moves from the architect, to the main contractor through to the specialist facade installer. The projects we work on initially emanate from one or all three client groups but inevitably involve them all. We have well over 1000s of facade projects under our belt and have worked with most leading companies and practices in the U.K. and many abroad.

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