Driven by the industry dictates to provide an alternative to traditional masonry that negates the need for scaffolding and allows the best of rainscreen cladding principles for the humble facing brick we set our minds, six years ago, to finding a better brick slip solution than anything being provided at that time.

This started with a wish list and it was a very long wish list.

All brick types, irrespective of tolerance, with proper depth mortar joints, achieving Negligible Risk and Class 1 impact performance, tested beyond any other systems, not reliant on glues or resins with fully mechanical methodology to name but a few.

We had the eureka moment that underpins Barracuda. Backward facing stainless steel teeth of different lengths within a continuous rail.

From this starting point we have developed Barracuda into an integrated system solution, patented around the world and tested fully and properly. This testing includes the full set of standard CWCT tests, together with accelerated weathering and much more.

We wanted to be certain that the system performed exceptionally and effectively and this has taken six years. There can be no compromises with performance and safety and we have not made any.

The name " Barracuda " was the easy part. One word evocatively capturing both the function and energy of this unique product.