Expanded Metal Mesh System: Eyetech

In partnership with The Expanded Metal Company, James & Taylor have pioneered the design, development and use of expanded metal mesh as architectural cladding. The result of this development is Eyetech, a precision-engineered and completely integrated facade solution that has enabled expanded mesh cladding to become the defining feature of some of the world’s most remarkable buildings.

Three Dimensional Design

The Eyetech expanded mesh manufacturing process produces a three-dimensional material with a dual character, being opaque when viewed from one direction, and transparent when viewed from the other. It is this quality combined with a comprehensive range of fixing systems that is the key to Eyetech's universal architectural appeal. 

Diversity and Choice

The Eyetech system is unique, offering an almost unlimited choice to designers and specifiers to meet the demands of diverse applications. It is the only system offered with a Design Lifetime Guarantee. This covers all anodised components and guarantees their corrosion resistance. This clearly demonstrates our confidence in the quality and durability of the eyetech system.

Each individual eyetech project will also be unique, and will inevitably require a bespoke engineered solution. If you have a project where you are considering Eyetech expanded mesh, then please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to design the optimum solution.