Excellence in Product Design

All of the components of the Eyetech system are purpose designed, function efficiently and are easy to install. Primary bracketry incorporates adjustment that accommodates the full range of construction tolerances, and each mesh type is design engineered to provide the desired appearance, air flow performance and to perfectly fit the building module.

It is available in a wide range of material types including anodised aluminium, corten steel, and brass, and can be orientated both horizontally and vertically.

Eyetech mesh is expanded from a special grade of Aluminium jointly developed by James and Taylor and the aluminium mill. Exacting quality control at the cast house produces aluminium with precisely the correct chemical composition.

Eyetech Provides an Integrated Solution

We offer a complete range of thoroughly developed integrated components and accessories, such as cappings and trims that neatly frame any exposed edges, as well as handrails, anti-climb rails and security fastener options.

Eyetech facades are designed to be extremely robust and require a minimum of maintenance. All of the principal components that incorporate the Eyetech system are manufactured from either aluminium or stainless steel. Anodising always takes place after the panels have been fully fabricated including their attachment holes. No drilling or cutting is necessary on site.

We partner fully trained and experienced installation contractors, to ensure that you achieve a high quality finished installation.

All design work in carried out in-house by our experienced team of facade engineers and structural engineers, and covered by our P.I. insurance.