Senses Aluminium

Senses Aluminium Rainscreen Cladding

A unique aluminium rainscreen cladding system, Senses combines the precision of extruded aluminium sections with the added integrity and durability of bespoke developed anodised finishes.

Our ability to exert the finest of controls over both the lustre and reflectivity is at the heart of the Senses product. By combining specially developed polishing and anodising techniques, subtle variations in tone and reflectivity are achieved, which can be combined with equally subtle variations in colour. Both are distributed apparently randomly across the facade. Senses intelligently engineered reflectivity, brings buildings to life and creates the opportunity to play with colour and reflectivity to create original and dynamic façades.

Precision Engineered

Like our Eyetech system, the Senses Aluminium system is anodised to BS 3987:1991 and is unique in offering a lifetime guarantee, which covers all anodised components and guarantees their corrosion resistance.
All of the principal production stages are certified to ISO 14001, and in order to minimise their environmental impact, utilise recycled raw material where possible, produced to exacting control standards. Senses production makes extremely efficient use of all raw materials.