The design of the terracotta facade will ultimately be developed to suit the individual project, taking into account such factors as the orientation of the tiles, the proposed backing structure, installation requirements or restrictions, and potential design and performance issues, such as the impact resistance, wind loads etc.

Historically, the terracotta rainscreen façade would most likely have been fixed back to either a blockwork or concrete backing wall, however latterly the substructure may be either a lightweight stud wall, or for it to be supplied as part of the curtain walling, installed either on site, and then transported to site.

Key Product Details

  • The DuoSkin ALPHATON® Terracotta tiles are 30mm thick, with a cellular structure to enhance their impact strength.
  • Typical system weight is approx 50Kg/m²
  • Tolerances of ± 1mm in tile length can be achieved, which is critical to vertical joint alignment.
  • Frost Resistant to DIN EN 539 Part 2 (150 frost cycles)
  • Water absorption – Typically 4 -7%
  • Fully certified by ‘The Centre for Cladding and Window Technology (CWCT).
  • Independently tested in accordance with TN 75 and TN 76 : Impact Performance of Building Envelopes
  • A proven pedigree of successful projects, with over 1000 projects completed in the UK alone.
  • Test Certificates and technical data sheets are available on request.

We will develop a solution to suit your project. Please give us a call, and we can arrange to meet with you to develop the optimum solution for your project.