Our glazed tiles are manufactured using the latest production techniques and high quality raw materials. Advances in glazing technology, together with an exacting quality standards combine to deliver a brilliant finish with added depth and lustre.

The glaze is applied to the terracotta base tile, prior to their firing to ensure that a chemical reaction takes place between the glaze and the base terracotta tile. Advanced glazing techniques ensure a frost-resistant, consistent, anti-fade finish, that is lead-free.

A virtually limitless range of colours and effects allows the scope for unique effects to be created in either matt or high gloss finish, adding warmth and vibrancy to bring buildings to life.

Fusion Glazing

As well as the range of standard glazed colours, we have developed “Fusion” glazing techniques, which can create totally bespoke project specific colours, and variations in tonal shade, reflectivity and surface texture.

Note: Our unique range of terracotta baguette can now also be provided in glazed finishes to complement or contrast the Alphaton or Longoton terracotta tiles, allowing even greater flexibility in creating unique designs.