About Longoton

The LONGOTON® terracotta system was developed in response to the growing demand from designers and specifiers for larger format panels using natural fired clay. In essence the Longoton range offers specifiers, even greater flexibility in size, profile and finish.

Continuous Façade Treatments

Using modern clay preparation and kiln firing techniques, we now offer single terracotta rainscreen system tiles measuring up to 3000mm long x 900mm high. We have developed a fixing and restraint system, which enables fixing in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

Offering the potential to create unbroken floor-to-floor vertically orientated full height individual tiles, with all the natural beauty of terracotta, the Longoton range provides greater design flexibility while delivering high standards of dimensional precision.

To see how James & Taylor can bring LONGOTON® to life view our Image Gallery or contact us to discuss your next project.