Sizes and Shapes

The Longoton range comes in a wide range of format heights widths and unique profiles, in both horizontal and vertical orientation.

In a horizontal orientation, LONGOTON® terracotta rainscreen system tiles can be supplied as standard in heights up to 900mm and in tile module lengths can be supplied in 1mm increments from 150mm up to 3000mm, with a tile thickness of 40mm.

In a vertical format, they can be supplied up to a maximum of 3000mm in height and typically up to 900mm in width. In this format, careful consideration has to be given to the restraint methodology for any individual tile, to prevent any part of the tile falling from the facade, should it be subjected to impact damage.

We have designed a restraint methodology that has been independently tested for Impact Resistance in accordance with BS 8200: 1985 and achieves the highest possible performance category.

Custom bespoke profiles are also available. Please contact us for further details.