The LONGOTON® system sets the benchmark for terracotta raincreen system panels, offering the largest terracotta tile available. Its twin skinned structure is similar to the ALPHATON® tile, however its thickness is typically a minimum of 40mm, depending on the profile selected. A choice between horizontal and vertical fixing formats provides maximum design flexibility.

LONGOTON® facades are almost always bespoke designed to suit your individual project requirement, offering the designer complete flexibility in profile, colour, finish and texture. If you have a terracotta project, please contact us either by phone or email, preferably at the early stages and we will arrange to visit you and discuss our ideas with you to develop the optimum solution with you.

The LONGOTON® Duoskin tiles are extruded and fired from high quality clays offering a very robust tile that is free from cracks, fissures, discolorations or any other defects, which may adversely affect strength, durability or appearance.

• The LONGOTON® DuoSkin Terracotta tiles are a minimum of 40mm thick, with a cellular structure to enhance their impact strength.
• Typical system weight is approx 65Kg/m²
• Tolerances of ± 1mm in tile length can be achieved, which is critical to vertical joint alignment.
• Frost Resistant to DIN EN 539 Part 2 (150 frost cycles)
• Water absorption – Typically 4 -7%
• Fully certified by ‘The Centre for Cladding and Window Technology (CWCT).
• Independently tested in accordance with TN 75 and TN 76 : Impact Performance of Building Envelopes.

Test Certificates and technical data sheets are available on request.