Almost everything matters but some things matter more than others.

For James and Taylor this means providing facade materials and solutions that look breath-taking, perform superbly, can be easily installed, are delivered on time and are affordable.

Cost certainty at the outset provides the foundation that allows design and its underlying engineering to develop and be resolved. This drives the solutions that translate into excellence.

We care immensely about the appearance of the facades we help to create. The more knowledge, experience and passion the better the end result.

Performance underpins every facade we are involved with. We provide integrated solutions many of which are unique and project bespoke. We never compromise.

Facade solutions get more complex every day as architectural aspiration pushes the established boundaries. We welcome and embrace these challenges.

We believe our approach is radically different from our competitors, is born from a love of what we do, but is grounded in the understanding that we are part of a facade market that demands and needs the best.

James & Taylor - Our Approach