Covid 19


As we get further along the Coronavirus road and each and every one of us has had our lives turned upside down, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how we are doing and the steps we have taken to deal with this dreadful pandemic. Firstly, we are trying to keep up tempo and get all the things done that have eluded us. We continue to pursue new opportunities, service existing contracts and develop new solutions with a view to hitting the ground running when things return to normal, which they will.

Our primary concerns are to continue to support our Customers and supply chain, whilst safeguarding the wellbeing and health of our staff and supply teams as we continue to adopt the latest Government guidelines and regulations. All our team are now working from home communicating effectively with the latest technology, with virtual meetings proving a real benefit. Contacting us by email or on our mobile phones is the best way to get hold of us. We will continue to administer, and project manage your orders in the usual way and all invoicing and credit control functions will continue as before. We are geared up to respond quickly and proactively to new project enquiries.

Our design engineering and estimating teams are here to help.Our supply partners are continuing to manufacture goods, whilst complying and incorporating the Government guidelines and have committed to do so for as long as they are able to. We are very appreciative of how difficult it has been for them to maintain their service levels whilst protecting their workforce and we are very grateful for all their efforts. Cash flow, for all of us will be critical over the next few months.

We pride ourselves as being one of the industry’s top payers and are very thankful that many of our Customers are equally prompt in paying us. We shall continue to support them through these difficult and challenging times and request that in turn you continue to pay us promptly. There are still an enormous number of challenges that we will have to face over the coming weeks, as we come to terms with working remotely and not being able to move about freely until we can beat this epidemic.

We are committed to working together to get through this difficult time and come out stronger and re-focussed on the other side. Finally let us thank you all for your continued support and we would like to wish all your staff and wider families the very best. Should you wish to discuss this in more detail then please free to contact any one of us. Keep safe.

Text by Peter Mulholland

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