New Website Launched


It’s been a whole decade since we developed a brand new website from scratch. This time, instead of the normal overhaul of images and text we wanted to go for a whole new fresh look, new logo, new company motto and a slightly different approach. A whole decade!? Wow, how time fly’s within façades….. With the expertise of Steve Edge [who the man himself calls himself a Prophet, Madman and Wanderer] and his fantastic team at Steve Edge Design we have managed to pull it off. Our new site allows for many more projects to be showcased as well as giving a snippet of who James & Taylor are, what we are all about, and ultimately the façades we are involved with. We will be providing monthly news updates in our news feed as well as updating our project images on a more regular basis. You will of course notice our Instagram feed which as also now been included.

Text by Adam Ball

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