From the unique geometry and engineering precision required by Herzog and de Meuron on the Tate, to the wonderfully historic recreation of St Pancras James & Taylor played our part in translating brick aspiration into reality.

You have to love brick to help create such fantastic and iconic landmark buildings.

Your brick choice starts here.

— Types

GIMA [Roman Bricks]

With GIMA we have created a range of “Roman“ bricks that stretch the boundaries of current brick-making to the limit to achieve this visual dynamic that clearly wasn’t so difficult in ancient Italy. Up to 590mm in length in height formats from 30mm to 71mm and anywhere in between.

Facing Bricks

James & Taylor source and supply clay facing from all over the UK and Europe, to suit all types of construction requirements. Clay facing bricks are still one of the most cost effective methods of cladding an outstanding building.

Glazed Bricks

JAMES & TAYLOR can offer an almost unlimited palette of GLAZED BRICKS in both the traditional 215 x 102 x 65mm UK format, as well as in Roman Brick & Euromodule format. The use of glazed bricks will add a vibrancy, lustre & uniqueness to any building that you design.

Brick Slips + Pre-Cast

We have developed a unique solution that is entirely mechanical and allows the use of 99% of facing bricks. Final testing is currently being carried out with a view to launch our system in early 2020. Please watch this space with eager anticipation. [image shown is an example of a brick facade which could be constructed using our slip system]

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