Facing Bricks

James & Taylor source and supply clay facing bricks from all over the UK and Europe to suit all projects. Facing bricks remain a key façade medium, beautiful, high performance and cost effective.

— How Do We Help?

Your brief, our knowledge, expertise, and experience go hand in hand. We can source the most approriate brick / range of bricks to suit your project requirements.

— Installation Capabilities

Traditional handset brickwork is still commonplace within the UK market and this makes up the majority of any bricks we supply. Brick pre-cast panels are increasingly popular and we are pleased to be involved in all aspects of the procurement of your brick system.

— Specials

We offer a full range of standard or purpose made special shapes.


Can we supply all types of bricks?

Yes, we supply extruded, stock and genuine handmade bricks in a limitless range of colours.

Can we supply European as well as UK manufactured bricks?

Yes, we source bricks from all over the Continent as well as all the major UK based brickworks.

Can we offer bespoke blends of bricks?

Yes, there are some manufacturers who will mix certain bricks at their factories, to achieve a unique blend, specifically for your project

Do we offer a full range of special shapes?

Yes, we offer a full range of standard special shapes, either purpose made or cut & bonded. We will also assist with bespoke non-standard shapes to suit your requirements.

Are standard bricks suitable for other bond paterns besides stretcher bond?

Yes, it is possible to use standard bricks in various bond patterns, such as stack bond, header bond, Flemish Bond, English Bond & more.

Can we supply bricks for off site precast panels and precast arches?

Yes, we have experience of working with major precast fabricators, supplying them both dovetail brick slips and standard bricks for fabricating panels & structural arches.

Are all bricks supplied to EN BS 771-1?

We will always endeavor to supply bricks to EN BS 771-1, unless your specific requirements prohibit this, then will advise you accordingly.

Do you cover the full country?

Yes, we supply bricks all over the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland.

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