GIMA [Roman Bricks]

With our Partner GIMA, James & Taylor supply extruded Roman Bricks and Euromodule Blocks in a vast range of colours. Roman Bricks are available in sizes from 125mm up to 590mm in length and from 40mm up to 71mm in height, while Euromodule Blocks are available from 190mm up to 490mm in length and 190mm to 290mm in height.


— How Do We Help?

Your brief, our knowledge, expertise, and experience go hand in hand. We can source the most appropriate brick / range of bricks to suit your project requirements. GIMA have a vast range in terms of colours, finishes and sizes. We are here to assist you in choosing the right brick for your project.

— Installation Capabilities

GIMA Roman Bricks and Euromodule Blocks can be traditionally laid or off site fabricated into brick faced pre-cast panels. Due to the brick formats you can have a limitless number of options in terms of bonding patterns as well as mortar joints [recessed / raked etc].

— Specials

Given the flexibility of the manufacturing facility and production techniques, GIMA are able to offer a wide range of purpose made special shapes to suit most sizes & colours in the range.


How are GIMA Roman Brick & Euromodule Blocks produced?

They are extruded with various textures then fired. The range of clays & the firing method achieves the variety of colours available.

Are GIMA Roman Bricks suitable for off site precast panel fabrication?

Yes they are, GIMA manufacture a purpose made dovetail slip, specifically for precasting into concrete panels.

How are GIMA able to offer such a wide range of colours?

The wide range of colours is often achieved by the way the dried bricks are set before firing. This together with the addition of coal & salt during firing allows them to offer variations that are available.

What does the addition of salt during firing achieve?

It produces the reflective semi sheen effect seen on a number of colours in the range.

Do GIMA carry a range of core Roman Bricks on stock ?

No, in general, all bricks are made specifically for each project.

Can GIMA Roman Bricks be used in different bond patterns ?

Yes, most definitely. Given the size range that they are available in, it is possible to use third & quarter bond as well as the traditional half bond. They can easily be used in patterns such Flemish, stack or soldier bond.

Are GIMA bricks frost durable?

All GIMA bricks are designated F2 when tested in accordance with EN 771-1.

Can you supply samples of each brick?

Given the very wide range of sizes & colours that are available, it may not always be possible to sample the exact brick or block, be we are very happy supply a sample that will show the colour & texture that you are considering.

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