Brick faced pre-cast panels and brick slips are gaining popularity due to their speed of construction. As we do not advocate the use of adhesives we saw an opportunity to develop a truly mechanical brick slip system. Our pre-cast solutions are current now but watch this space for the updates to our brick slip solution….

— Brick Slips

We recognise the need for a 'one shoe fits all' and this is what we have strived to achieve. A fully integrated brick slip system that mechanically fixes bricks using 99% of the facing bricks available. Our newly developed system will launch in the very near future. Watch this space! [images provided are not of the James & Taylor Brick Slip System. They are provided to show what will be possible]

— Pre-Cast

Brick faced precast panels are fabricated off site by a specialist manufacturer. The brick slips will have a positive key, such as a dovetail, in the back of the slip, so that when it is incorporated within the panel, it forms a mechanical junction with the concrete backing.


Can you tell me more about your own brick slip system?

We would love to share all of the details with you once the testing phase of the system is complete.

What makes your brick slip system any different to others in the market?

99% of bricks can be used within our system. All of which will be mechanically fixed.

When will you brick slip system by ready?

Not long to wait. Within the next 2 months we should be in a position to market our system.

What bricks can i use in your brick slip system?

Virtually any bricks can be used including extruded, machine thrown as well as hand thrown.

Can any brick be used in precast panels?

It is necessary to have a positive key in the back. This can be a dovetail perforation that is created during manufacture or it has cut into the slip, prior to casting.

Which bricks are best for precasting?

Generally a brick that has two faces, such as hand made or simulated hand made or stock bricks, as it possible to get more than one slip per brick.

Do you only have to use UK format bricks?

No, different sized bricks can be used, but it is always worth checking the size tolerances, as this is important to the precast manufacturer

What are the advantages of using precast panels?

Access is one advantage, you do not need to scaffold the building. Also, the panels are fabricated off site, often while the frame is being constructed & other infrastructure work is being undertaken, so speed of cladding the building is greatly enhanced.

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