Bespoke Metal Facades

We are well known and respected in the fields of terracotta and expanded metal facades. Our engineering, design and performance disciplines underpinning our passion and determination to provide state of the art facade solutions. Intermittently during our 30-year tenure in the facade sector we have been invited to help create facades that are truly outside the box.

— Introduction

The Selfridges at the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham, designed by Future Systems, is one such project. Working very closely alongside the design team and client we developed, tested and supplied the anodised spun aluminium domes that make these space age facades so unique. Together with the connection solution and methodology that allowed seamless and watertight connections to the be made to the structure. Twisted Spitfire like propellers run horizontally across the facades. Powder coated on one side and anodised on the other. Amazing challenges to torture the metal to shape, design and engineer the support system. The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool is another project that falls very much into the special one-off category. Creating over 100no unique laser perforated panels depicting local people and then designing and engineering these rotating panels was a labour of love as well as a total thrill.


If I know what I what but have no idea how to achieve it. Is this something you can help with?

Absolutely. We take your creations and turn them into a reality. We are well positioned to understand materials and how they can be integrated into the built environment.

What materials will you work with?

Typically a bespoke metal facade lends itself to aluminium as the material properties and the finishing capabilities lends itself to being manipulated. Other materials such as CorTen and hard metals can be utilised.

At what stage of the process should we talk to you?

Quite simply. As early as possible. It is more than likely that new production techniques need to be adapted as well as the development of any fixing solutions. A testing regime will then need to be carried out. All of which takes time.

Can you provide lumo sum fixed prices for a bepoke project so their are no surprises later on?

Yes. Once we have a full understanding of the project and the systems we are utilisng then a lump sun fixed price can be submitted.

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