Expanded [eyetech Mesh]

We are uncompromising on quality. For aluminium this starts from the use of a specially formulated alloy, which can be expanded with great precision and quality and effectively anodised, a partnership with EMC (The Expanded Metal Company) who with us have taken quality, tolerances and diversity of expanding to new levels.


— Eyetech Panel Sizes

Our unique alloy grade [EX151] which was developed for the eyetech system allows for panels to be 1500mm wide to achieve the most efficient yield. Of course panels narrower than this can be readily achieved during the fabrication and production process.

— Eyetech Apertures

Free air flow requirements and the aesthetics are what ultimately drive the appearance of the eyetech mesh. James & Taylor offer as much flexibility in the aperture sizes that can be offered with every project. From the long ways and short ways pitches to the strand connection and the strand width to name but a few.

— Installation Capabilities

The eyetech systems have the ability to be installed in what we class as the 'normal orientation' or inverted through 180 degrees along the vertical plain. Both options can also be rotated through 90 degrees so the panels sit on there long edges. Of course, having panels sitting at angles other than these can also be achieved.


Every aspect of the eyetech system is just as important, if not more so, as one another. A beautifully crafted eyetech panel is nothing without the highly engineered fixings and support system that works seamlessly with one another. A fully integrated and harmonious solution for your building facade. The thickness or gauge of this aluminium which we procure on a project specific basis, normally in coil form, varies. Typically, 4mm or 5mm and sometimes 6mm. Individual mesh panels commonly are required to span floor to floor in widths up to 1.5 metres and this thickness of material is needed to accommodate wind load and limit deflection. Safety of these expanded mesh facades, which the public often have immediate access to, is high on our agenda. Adequate free air flow in multi storey car parks is an obvious performance requirement but as important and less highlighted is how particularly children may interact with the facades. Keeping the material thickness beyond 4mm helps to avoid blade type strand edges.


Do you provide the eyetech system with a polyester powder coated finish?

No, the eyetech panels themselves can only be provided in an anodised finish that exceed the standards set by BS 3987: 1991

How do i know what aperture size and module panel sizes i should use?

The most simplistic way to determine the correct modules is to discuss the project with one of our eyetech technical experts.

What substrate can i fix the eyetech panel system to?

We have a wide ranging series of fixing systems which allow the eyetech mesh systems to be fixed to car park facades [floor spanning], solid backing walls [composites / SIPS], as well as curtain wall wall and rainscreen systems.

Can i use the eyetech system at ground floor locations?

Absolutely. We have multiple treatment methods for panel edges where they come into contact with people.

What guarantee can you provide for the eyetech systems?

We offer a 'Design Life Guarantee' for the full duration of the buildings design lifetime. This covers all anodised aluminum components and guarantees their corrosion resistance.

What is the environmental Impact of the eyetech systems?

All of the principal stages of production are environmental system certified to ISO 144001: 2004 and are also fully recyclable.

Can i use any other materials other than alumnium?

The core material is aluminium but it is possible to use create an eyetech facade using CorTen.

What fire rating is the 'eyetech' System?

A1 non combustible if all aluminium components are anodised.

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