Extruded [Senses Aluminium]

High quality extrusions are the starting point for this bespoke approach which achieve an aesthetic that couldn’t be further away from wafer thin folded cassette panels.

The “Senses“ tiles can be installed horizontally or vertically and come as part of integrated and tested system solutions.

— Senses Aluminium Panel Sizes

With lengths up to 6500mm utilising an anodised finish and lengths up to 8000mm when using a polyester powder coated finish. Standard module panel heights are available up to 250mm and for non-standard, up to 600mm.

— Senses Aluminium Profile Options

From the standard flat smooth profiles through to concave / convex surfaces and continuing through to castellated tiles, the options are only restricted by your imagination. Bespoke profiles can be produced to suit your project and are designed with the highest degree of detail.

— Installation Capabilities

James & Taylor have developed integrated design solutions that work effectively for the multitude of options of tile profiles available in both portrait and landscape. System fixing solutions are available to suit all substrates including studwork, blockwork, concrete shear walls and many more. Often, and increasingly, the Senses Aluminium cladding medium come as an integrated element of unitised or precast panels. Fast to install, no wet trades and maintenance free performance are amongst the benefits but at its core it is the ability to express, with such ease and elegance, the beauty and rhythm of Senses Aluminium.


Supporting the gravity load of 'Senses Aluminum' tiles, and engineering restraint solutions underpins the success of the facades we provide. For us, all projects are unique and demand technical focus that drives detailed design. We have standard systems and solutions that are often brought to bear but increasingly our technical team are challenged to find bespoke answers for each project. Accommodating wind load, dealing with deflections and thermal movement, optimising impact resistance, no visible fixing and much more is addressed and resolved by our technical specialists.

- Fixing Solutions

Not as aesthetically pleasing as the finished product but so important to make sure that the Senses Aluminum tiles remain in place, perform well under impact, resist wind loads and align correctly. The number different types of substrates now being used are so diverse. Blockwork and concrete have been replaced by studwork, unitised panels and many more. Each substrate has its own unique requirements driven by ease of installation and performance. We have developed so many Fixing Solutions need to be tailored to each project and this is what we do.

- Performance & Testing

The tolerances that are achieved are extremely tight but understanding and embracing these tolerances is critical. Our technical and facade engineering team recognise and embrace the nuances and unique performance drivers of each project in concluding the optimum design and engineering solutions. The generic principles of rainscreen technology are embedded and understood but testing for impact performance is an absolute must. This cannot be calculated it has to be tested. We hold a full suite of CWCT TN75/TN76 testing data and certification for the 'Senses Aluminum' System.


Can I use anything other than aluminium?

No. The 'Senses Aluminum' is designed as an extruded system with high quality finishes.

Can i mix differnt profiles of extrusion?

Of course. Mixing tiles sizes and different profiles is entirely plausible?

Do i have to have all the lustre / reflectivivty combination finishes on a project? We have a full suite of CWCT performance data and certifcation.

No. You can have as many or as few as you like.

What certifcation do you hold for the 'Senses Alumnium'?

We have a full suite of CWCT performance data and certification.

What fire rating is the 'Senses' System?

If using an anodised finish the system is classified as being A1 non-combustable. If using a PPC finish then this becomes A2 limited combustibility.

What guarantee can you provide for the 'Senses' systems?

We offer a 'Design Life Guarantee' for the full duration of the buildings design lifetime. This covers all anodised aluminum components and guarantees their corrosion resistance.

Have you considered the details such as external corners, deflection joints etc?

Yes. We have a series of standard drawings which can be provided. We also provide a series of project specific drawings that take into account your detailing requirements. Our technical staff would be happy to assist.

Is it easy to install?

We have designed the system to have as few components as possible whilst maintaining the appearance and the performance levels required.

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