Performance, practicality and ease of installation are key drivers, forming the foundation of any final solution we deliver.

We embrace not only the theoretical side of facades but also the practical side by turning the concept into reality. Facade engineering, supply management, testing, and off-site assembly are all part of the service provided by James & Taylor Ltd.

At the heart of all we do, however, is our understanding of and a passion for bespoke fa├žade engineering and design.

Facade Engineering

At James & Taylor we share all the quality and performance objectives of the facade engineering consultants and our in-house facade engineering team work tirelessly to get our bit right. It's the application of these facade engineering skills that has distanced us from so many competitors.

Supply Management

Facades are becoming progressively more complex and involve logistics that cannot be accommodated on site. On site space limitations and complexity is why James & Taylor offer a full segregation, just in time, identification service to cater for this requirement.

Off-Site Assembly

We coordinate the supply and assembly of complete units only needing lifting and securing to the structure. At Chessington we've invested in a wide range of terracotta cutting equipment allowing us to cut tiles with mitres, movement joints, to length etc so we can meet last minute requirements...


Over 90% of projects that we are engaged to provide incorporate bespoke tiles and unique fixing solutions which require specific tests carried out. We regularly perform many other tests related to the other materials and systems in our portfolio.

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April 30, 2020

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